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the Different Between Led Neon and Glass Tube Neon Sign

the Different Between Led Neon and Glass Tube Neon Sign

we can convert the computer mockup or logo into neon sign by two ways

1: use real glass neon tube

2: use Led Neon tube

A: Real glass tube Neon sign is made of glass tube neon like the first pic Led Neon Sign is made of PVC or silicone like the second pic

B : Glass tube neon sign looks more traditional , some wire is visiable and Fragility, Led neon is not easy broken, not Fragility , safe to touch ,you can check below pic carefully for the difference, Both of them are beautiful .

C: Glass tube neon can make some complicated design in small size like 17 x 13 inches or 20 inches w x 16 inches h , Led Neon Tube is only for some simple design like letters and most of small size is not available , for example , 17 x 13 inches and 20 inches x 16 inches normally can not use led Neon tube 

D: Led neon sign normally can be shipped within 3 working days , Glass tube neon sign need more extra working days , so  if you want a sign as quickly as possible , please select Neon Material: Led Neon tube ( Notice : Led neon sign only support for size bigger than 22 inches ), finish the payment then contact us , we can help you speed up!

Led neon Sign Video Below